Day Services

Our Approach

  • Walnut Street Center believes that every individual has the ability to learn and develop new skills.
  • Walnut Street Center believes that every program or support should be developed with the individual at the center of the process.
  • Our programs are tailored to meet the current level of each individual and provide them with access to the supports needed to assist them through the learning process.

Our Services


Walnut Street Center’s Day Habilitation Program provides habilitative medical, therapeutic, and behavioral services to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Professional staff includes a full-time nurse and full-time behaviorist, as well as weekly services from physical, occupational, and speech therapists. Goal development focuses on activities of daily living, assisting individuals to maximize their functional independence. Individuals spend time each day working on a variety of skills such as preparing a simple meal, tying one’s shoes, or managing difficult emotions. Walnut Street Center’s new facility has dedicated spaces for art, music, culinary, and horticulture activities. The goal of WSC’s Day Habilitation Program is to support skill acquisition and development in a safe and caring environment.


Walnut Street Center’s Community-Based Day Program fosters opportunities for learning, volunteering, and participation in our area communities. Serving adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, activities run a wide gamut: from educational trips to area museums and historical sites to volunteering with a local food bank, to advocacy events at the Massachusetts State House. Activities are developed with individuals served so that their interests help drive the calendar of events. On-site activities support skill growth and development, with a focus on developing skills that are important to the individual. Community-Based Day programming can be utilized as an active, educational day program, or as a stepping stone on the path toward employment.

For more information on our Day Services Programs, you can view this handy flyer: Walnut Street Center Day Services.

If you have more questions or would like to speak to someone, please contact us at 617-776-1448