Diversity Pledge

Note from the CEO:

We have recently signed the Providers’ Council’s pledge for their “Call to Action on Racial Equity.” We have joined this pledge and support their efforts to bring racial justice and equity to our communities.” – Carolyne Guffey

The time is long past due for justice. We, in the human services sector, fight for justice and equality every day, serving the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people in our Commonwealth. As change leaders, we ask you to not only speak against racism, but also to be anti-racist and actively work to combat racism and systemic inequality.

In the words of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., “Justice too long delayed is justice denied. No longer can we wait for justice. No longer can we wait for equality. It’s up to us to lead efforts to bring about social justice. We must act now. We don’t have any more time to wait.”

Our call to action:

  • Listen.
  • Educate ourselves, our staff and our communities on systemic inequity and racial oppression.
  • Develop an organizational strategy for combatting systemic racism and oppression within your organization with endorsement and support from your Board of Directors.
  • Institute a diversity, equity and inclusion committee comprised of staff and executive leadership to discuss issues, press for change and advance the efforts of your organization on racial equity.
  • Support the efforts of our staff, clients, consumers and communities in advocating for their rights and racial justice.
  • Work to end all systems of oppression within our communities.

We believe in the powerful sentiments from the Providers’ Council’s Race, Diversity & Inclusion Committee and are doing our part daily to ensure that Walnut Street Center is a safe and inclusive place for all.

Any staff who is interested, feel free to leave anonymous feedback on our feedback form.

Diversity Pledge