Our Approach

Residential Services

At Walnut Street Center, an individual’s home is primarily defined by those who live there. The policies, practices and expectations respect and support residents’ goals, cultures, ethnicities, chosen lifestyles, and preferred activities.

Walnut Street Center believes that each person’s unique capabilities, gifts and talents should be celebrated in their home and the community. This belief guides our process when developing residential programs.

Our Services

Our Residential Programs provide a variety of living options within the community including independent-living arrangements and Individuals Supports, which are partially staffed homes (less than 24/7 staffing) and fully staffed homes (24/7 staffing).

Individual Support

One model provides case management for persons living independently in the community. The services are catered to the needs of the person. Services include but are not limited to management of medical needs, tenancy issues, benefit coordination and money management.

Another model provides partially staffed homes which is a hybrid of case management and support staff. The homes are staffed part-time with a schedule that is customized to meet the resident’s needs. This support is augmented with case management.

24-Hour Support

This model provides private residences integrated within the community that are staffed 24 hours a day. These homes provide supports for multiple adults, each with their own private bedroom.

Walnut street center

The Residence Photo Gallery

A hallmark of our residential network is the attractive, clean and well-appointed homes in neighborhood settings as seen in our photo gallery. Walnut Street Center serves individuals with a range of needs and abilities with 17 homes including an array of amenities and personalized touches.

For more information on our Residential Services Programs, you can view this handy flyer:

If you have more questions or would like to speak to someone, please contact our Director of Operations at 617.629.3589.