ANCOR_DSP Appreciation 2020

September 16, 2020

Dear Colleague,

Happy Direct Support Professional Recognition Week 2020.  This week is a time to recognize the dedication of our DSP workforce.  Over the years we have had many types of celebrations including BBQs, Raffles, Car Washes, Money Cube give a-ways and other fun activities.  We look forward to this week every year because it brings us together.  Unfortunately, this year due to Covid -19 we are not able to hold our normal celebratory events.  

While we cannot get together to celebrate, we can express our appreciation for all the work that you do!  You do an amazing job! You work long hours, in a stressful job for less pay than you deserve.  Under normal conditions this is a difficult calling.  As you know since March 2020, we have been operating under the new normal of Covid -19.  

At this time more than others I have seen my colleagues go above and beyond, working with one of the most vulnerable populations.  Our employees have put their own fears aside, left their own families and come to the service of others.  

The care that you give is not definable through mere words.  You meet the care needs of so many people in so many ways.  Please know that this does not go unnoticed and that what you do does not go unnoticed.

You are appreciated

You are respected

You are valued

You are Walnut Street Center

Thank you,

Carolyne Guffey, MBA, PHR

Executive Director

Walnut Street Center, Inc