Shared Living

The new shared living program now offered by Walnut Street center is a residential option that allows for and helps foster a high level of independence even for those who require around the clock support. The residential program places an adult with intellectual disabilities in the private home of a person or family in the community, who are trained as caregivers. They live in this household as part of the family and receive the support that they need directly from the adults they live with along with additional case management and other support as necessary. This model ensures the deepest level of integration into the community and a chance for independence and growth greater than in many other situation.

Benefits of Shared Living:

  • Individuals live in a typical household
  • Enhances skills and social development through role model of caregiver
  • Allows for continuity of care
  • Fosters independence and growth
  • Ability to participate fully in the community

Get Involved With Shared Living

If you are interested in becoming a caregiver get in touch with Walnut Street Center today. Host families in the Shared Living Program are an integral part of the lives of the individuals served. Compassionate, able adults looking to make a difference in the life of a member of their community are encouraged to join the program as caregivers. Potential caregivers go through a rigorous screening process, including background checks, reference checks, interviews and assessments. Caregivers receive basic medical training and a vast network of ongoing support from Walnut Street Center in the form of program staff, respite, and on-call support. Personalized matching process is based on ability, common interests and lifestyles.

Community members who serve as caregivers in Shared Living are dedicated to supporting their new roommates in a variety of ways: they create a safe home environment, they encourage individuals to participate in the community and form relationships, they support their goals and dreams and they assist with daily routines and activities. Shared Living caregivers will receive a tax free stipend, training, support and resources from WSC staff and Nurse. Perhaps most importantly, all Shared Living caregivers are making a difference in someone else life and creating bonds that last a lifetime.

If you have a passion for helping others and would like to provide care and share your life with a person with disabilities in your home please contact us and begin the screening process today!

For more information on all of our wonderful programs you can view this flyer: Walnut Street Center Overview of Services.

If you have more questions or would like to speak to someone, please contact:

Nancy Molligi